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Lost Fic Finders

Finding the fics you crave

craphole island
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Imagine the scene – you have half an hour or so to spare in your busy day, time that you plan to spend indulging in the delights of Lost fic. You settle down in front of your computer with a beverage and a light snack and think to yourself that now is the perfect time to read that fic everyone is always talking about or maybe to reread that fic you read ages ago and really adored. But then, you realise you didn’t bookmark it, it isn’t saved in your memories and it’s not tagged to your del.icio.us account. Oh no!

Sound familiar? Never fear, help is at hand!

In the grand tradition of shamelessly stealing good ideas from other fandoms, we present Lost Fic Finders – a comm dedicated to solving your fic finding emergencies.

Simply post a request giving as much information as you can remember about the fic you’re looking for and, with a bit of luck, someone will provide you with a link to it. Or at least a suggestion of whose fic index/memories to search for it in.

If, by some sad twist of fate, your request isn’t answered please wait at least two weeks before trying again and please try to be as specific as you can about the fic you’re looking for – a request asking for a link to a fic in which “X and Y have lots of hot sex” isn’t likely to get you very far but a request asking for a link to a fic in which “X and Y have lots of hot sex, it’s a future fic set on a space station and Y is a robot”* is a much better bet for success.

Lost Fic Finders is here for all your fic cravings: we welcome requests for all genres of fic – slash ,het, gen, rps, AU, future fic, pre-island fic, episode based fic, poetry etc etc. If you want to read it, (hopefully) someone will find it for you.


1. No bashing of anyone else’s tastes – if you don’t like a certain pairing/genre, bitch about it on your own journal all you want, but don’t do it here.
2. No off-topic posts – fic requests only please. All OT posts will be deleted without warning.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Ask 'em HERE