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So I’m looking for a fic I read a few years ago it starts with Severus getting ready to go back to Hogwarts, and think about how difficult his life is now that he’s about 3 months pregnant. Later is revealed that he found a strange room hidden in Hogwarts and Sirius stumbles in drunk , and rapes him. At first he deals with this on his own , but later a house elf at Hogwarts helps him out. He ends up having to move in that room just because he needs to hide so no one realizes he’s pregnant. Sirius see him though and realizes what he did, and they agree to raise the baby together. Severus gives birth to a baby boy, and he and Sirius move into together and start a relationship. Peter is evil still and tells Voldemort who decides he wants a child. He kidnaps Severus and rapes him . When James and Sirius rescue him they find out he’s pregnant again. In the epilogue he and Sirius are still together raising both kids, they both love each kid even if they know there’s a chance the youngest might not be Sirius’s child
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gemjam's Jack/Ford au

would anyone happen to have the latter installments of gemjam's Jack/Ford au saved and be willing to share them? or are they archived on another website? this is years late, but, the jack_ford_fic community has been purged and some of the fics were not hosted on the author's journal. i'm dying to read the full series, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Lost AU 60 cyvil movement fic

Like in the title, I'm looking for a Lost fic that is an AU set in the 60 maybe? I don't think it was shippy but it had Jack and Sawyer in it and one of them was a janitor in a school or collage. It was pretty wierd in other words and I don't remember title, author or anything really that would let me just google it for myself.

I remember this discussion only I don't really know between whom about how local law enfeorcement first got orders to stop some people from voting in something and then the very same people got different orders, had to go home, change unforms and lead the very same people through.

I'm vauge cos it was like... YEARS ago. 3 at least. Help would be apreciated.

Found!! HERE
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Hey! I read this AU fic I read a couple years back about Charlie and Claire. Basically, it's what would've happened if Charlie hadn't gotten on the plane, but instead moved back in with his brother. He starts having flashes back to his alternate reality on the island.

Muchas gracias!

Ben/Sayid and Sayid-centric fics?


I'm a newbie here. I've just finished the fourth season, and I'm really sad at the lack of good Ben/Sayid and Sayid torture fics I've been able to find. There are simply too many fics to shift through, and tagging systems aren't that great in a lot of communities.

So I come asking for your recommendations on Ben/Sayid fics? C'mon, after The Economist, who wouldn't want to ship the fucked-up power dynamic? I've only found Pygmalion by zelda-zee. Which was great, but the tiny taste just makes me want to gorge myself on some more fucked up Ben/Sayid fics.

Also, if you have a psychologically disturbing Sayid fics that focuses on his experience as torturers, I would love it as well. I'm looking for guilt and blood and perhaps lovingly detailed description of tortures, but the primary thing I'm looking for is a generous scoop of fucked-up power dynamics and soul-crushing guilt. Slash or gen preferred, but I'm not averse to het.

Thanks, y'all. :>


Apparently I've forgotten to bookmark a favorite, and I forget its title.

It's Kate/Sayid, a few years old I think, and not season specific. Rated R/Nc-17. The author used snippets of the Tori Amos song "Carbon". Its style is very subversive and fast paced. The story involved sort of a warped game of hide and seek, and the line "he'll let her swallow when she's a good girl."

And those, kind folks, are all the details I can come up with. Would someone please be kind enough to find it for me? Thanks in advance.
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There's no way around it, is there? I am ashamed to be asking for death guys slash. Specifically Locke/Boone.
I have read some -long time ago- but it was hitting D/s themes way too hard for mine tastes and was generally way off character - even if at the time author pretty much sold me...
Anyway. Some not too D/s-y Locke/Boon? Preferably long or longish? Over 1000 word if at all possible. Preferably Boon's POV but whatever you've got I'll be grateful for.

<strike> Also hollycomb wrote, long time ago, few fics on this crazy Keamy/Gault pairing. Have anyone else been writing it or is this some sort one of a kind fandom anomaly? </strike>
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Does anyone know of any really good Boone/Sawyer fics where there in a relationship consisting as more than just a one night stand (Ficklemuse excluded, 'cause I've already read all of those, which are amazing by the way if your looking at this!), or some Boone centric off the island, pre, or post it doesn't matter. Or even a good Vampire Diaries/Lost crossover where Boone and Damon are the same, not two different people. Basically anything Boone centric. I probably should have also excluded Janine as I have also read all of her Boone stuff that I could get my hands on.